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  • <strong><center>Smith Machine W/ Counter Balance X-Gym 5x10</center></strong>
  • <strong><center>Smith Machine W/ Counter Balance X-Gym 5x10</center></strong>

Smith Machine W/ Counter Balance XGF-27

Smith Machine ini memiliki banyak keistimewaan jika dibandingkan dengan yang lain.

Inilah satu-satunya Smith yang dilengkapi dengan bearing yang membuat naik turunnya beban menjadi sangat lancar.

As terbuat dari stainless, dilengkapi dengan counter balance yang membuat stick menjadi seimbang dan dipermanis dengan tutup yang kokoh serta kekar.


  • It includes a bench.
  • Place the burden and the rubber-wrapped stick Olympic, so not easy to fall, and smooth.
  • The tip of the load and equipped with a rubber stick so that the body does not easily clash.
  • There is a security lock down, avoiding the danger of loss of stick from the hands.
  • Counter-balance system so that the burden stick to zero, allowing teens and women to use.
  • Equipped with sling balances to avoid the stick side.
  • Place a standard Chin Up.
  • Bearing system makes smith smooth, comfortable, and smooth in the use of.
  • Construction iron bench with a double, equipped with handles and wheels make it easy to shift.
  • The bench can be arranged up and flat, using a key bearing equipped.
  • Raw iron 6 x 6 cm 2,8 cm thickness, stainless Steel Pole can not rust.
  • Cat powder coating by heating the oven temperature 200˚.
  • Establish a lovely, with a few curves without dents.
  • W = 85.2" / 213 cm.
  • L = 52.4" / 131 cm.
  • H = 85.2" / 213 cm.
 Harga Rp. 21.250.000,- (*Untuk harga TERMURAH silahkan hubungi kami.)