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Vertical Shoulder Press XGS-32

Vertical Shoulder Press XGS-32 merupakan alat pembentuk otot bahu yang disukai member sehingga para pemilik gym merasa tidak sayang untuk mengeluarkan budget tambahan guna memiliki alat ini.

Bentuknya indah, kokoh dan nyaman dalam pemakaian.


  • Iron frame size 6 x 6 cm, thickness of 2,8 mm.
  • Weight stack covered by plat 0,9 mm.
  • Pillar of weight stack size 1 dim, make strong at use.
  • Luxury seat, wide and use good quality material.
  • Weight stack equipped with a special plastic not paralon, to make smooth movement of weight stack.
  • Using black wire nylon steel import.
  • Weight stack writing with lbs and kg.
  • Paint with a few color choices, powder coating system, the oven temperature 200.
  • The beauty of form with some subtle curves and no dents.
  • Movement use bearing system.
  • The rear seat can be arranged back and forth.
  • Weigth Stack = 250 lbs.
  • Width / W = 42" / 106 cm.
  • Length / L = 40" / 101 cm.
  • Height / H = 60" / 150 cm.
 Harga Rp. 16.925.000,- (*Untuk harga TERMURAH silahkan hubungi kami.)